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The Editor and Associate Editors invite submission to this new SAGE journal. Equity in Education & Society will publish papers that adheres to its aims and scope as set out below. 

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Equity in Education & Society is a peer-reviewed journal with a focus on broad equity issues in education and society. The journal provides a central point for international scholarship, research and debates on policy and practice issues of equity in education, and in their intersections with society (e.g.: The relationship between Gender-Based Violence in Education & Society; How racism in society influences racism in education; how education can transform societal attitudes special educational needs & disabilities, etc.). 

Equity in Education & Society recognises the interconnectedness between events, structures and in society (e.g.: policy and law) and how these influence or shape events and practice in education at all levels, and occupies a vital ‘middle ground’ by facilitating in intellectual debates on a range of topics, through diverse methodologies to add to our understanding of these issues from anywhere in the world. 

It welcomes contributions that surfaces and/or addresses contradictions of ‘equity’ in educational policy and educational practice in formal or non-formal arrangements. 

It welcomes contributions that explores the intersections of different equity issues, e.g.: ‘race’ & SEND; gender & class, gender; sexual orientation and faith; etc, and how these are influenced by, or influences society. 

It publishes full-length research articles, evidence from practice and informed discussion pieces which critically examine work conducted in education, centrally, and in other disciplines that show clear impact for or on education (e.g.: social sciences, humanities, curriculum studies, law and organisation studies). 

The journal will be published online three times per year: April, August and November, and will be available for free download in the first two years. All papers will be double-blind peer reviewed. 

 Submissions must be made by manuscript central.

Professor Paul Miller
Founding Editor – Equity in Education & Society 
Director, Institute for Educational & Social Equity 
Convenor: The Annual ‘Equity in Education’ conference 

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Institute for Educational & Social Equity provides consultancy services on anti-racism and other inclusion, diversity and equity issues. Our USP is that our approach combines research with practice. Our services are built on three pillars: research, capacity development and institutional support.


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