Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Fellowship


The EDI Fellowship is an employment based professional development programme that focuses on “leading EDI practice” or “leading EDI change”. It is geared towards EDI leads, HR Directors/ Managers, senior executives and/or senior leaders in any organisational contexts. EDI Fellows are assumed to be at the level where they direct, support and/or lead equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts at unit and/or organisational levels. 

Learners on the programme will receive training and mentorship support from IESE staff in areas such barriers to change, planning for and levers for change, leading change. For the compulsory change case study, learners will be able to focus on one or more area/s of EDI work. The area/s of focus chosen will be a matter for the participant and their organisation. This programme is delivered over 6-8 months. 

Programme elements and structure

The EDI Fellowship programme has three elements and can be completed via one of two pathways. 

Professional Practice Route 

The completion of two modules: 

Understanding EDI – 6 hours

Leading change in EDI – 6 hours 

The Reflective Case Study will require the participant to evidence change in their organisational context – due to their leadership – in three areas of EDI practice against two EDI/Leadership Capabilities. Participants will be assigned a Mentor who will support their thinking and progress during this module, once their area/s of focus have been agreed/ approved by their organisation.

Academic Route 

The completion of two modules: 

Understanding EDI – 6 hours

Leading change in EDI – 6 hours 

The Action Research/ Case Study will require the learner to both lead and evidence change in their organisational context in one or two areas of EDI. A written report will outline the process of change and any related change impact/s. Projects involving human participants will require ethical approval from the IESE’s Scientific Review Committee. In rare cases, retroactive ethical approval is possible.

Participants will come together in a half-day online ‘festival’ to share reflections on:

(i) the change process,
(ii) impact of their intervention/ work on their target group and/or their organisation/ unit, and
(iii) on themselves as individuals and change leaders.  

Who/ what we are looking for

  • Senior Executive/ Leaders/ HR leaders in a range of organisations 
  • Responsibility for directing and/or leading EDI at organisational level 
  • Personal and organisational commitment to Leading Change in EDI 
  • Ability to manage time and a change project

Exit award & post-nominals 

Successful completer will be able to use the post-nominals F.InstESE  


June 2023. For further information, please email: BDE@instituteforequity.ac.uk

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